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Football Uniforms- we have 2 group orders still pending for arrival. We have not received a delivery date but Chris will be following up today to see if we can get something more definite.

Schedule- the schedule has almost totally changed from the original. We do have a tentative schedule and hope to release the update this weekend so we can all plan accordingly. Game times are the same, weekly opponents have changed as well as greater number of games.

Jamboree- still scheduled for next week. Unfortunately, the schedule will be changing so as soon as we get the finalized Jamboree schedule we will let everyone know. For those who have not experienced Jamboree in the past, it is similar to a scrimmage. Rules and format differ from standard game play. More info to come on the game day specifics.

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From the President of the Falcons:
Parents - the rain out practice from Monday has been rescheduled for Friday. Please check with your coaches to see if this applies to your specific team.

Also our league is critical with Book Certification process. The certification happens on Saturday August 17th. We will be at AAU offices all day. We need your paperwork by Thursday August 15th photos, or emails of the paperwork at this point we need paper copies. Please deliver to your HEAD Coach or team mom before Thursday’s practice.

· 6U and 8U need: Copy of birth certificate and a physical dated 2019
· 10U-14U need: Copy of birth certificate and a physical dated 2019 and the Spring 2019 report card.

Then I take these to AAU for player certification on Saturday August 17th.

Without being certified, your athlete will NOT be able to play in the upcoming games until he/she is certified with ALL paperwork.


Chris St. John

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Weather update: We are waiting for the all clear. Please do not take the fields. Meet under covered area or remain in your vehicles. ...

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