“A good coach can change a game, a great coach can change a life” -John Wooden


 Coach Selection

  • Head Coaches are selected by the President, Director of Football and Director of Cheer

Coaching Duties and Responsibilities    


  • Head Coaches assist the Football and Cheer Directors in the selection of Assistant Coaches
  • All Coaches must obtain certification hours determined by the AAU and the Director of Football and Cheer
  • All Coaches must agree to a background check
  • Head Coaches Oversee all practices and games
  • All Coaches are to follow and support all rules and regulations set forth by the AAU, Falcon Football and Cheer Director, and Falcon Board of Directors
  • Head Coaches are responsible for communicating with Team Mom on all vital information such as game dates, locations, snacks, etc.
  • Head Coaches are responsible for keeping accurate attendance at all practices and games
  • Responsible for attending Head Coach’s meetings pre-determined by Football and Cheer Director
  • Football Head Coach and coaching staff are responsible for keeping and maintaining an equipment bag, provided by the Falcons, and turning in the equipment bag at the end of the season.
  • Head Coaches are responsible for keeping a first aid kit, helmet pieces, and extra mouthpieces on hand at each practice and game.
  • Head Coaches are responsible for attending all registrations and fittings. (If Head Coach cannot participate in the registration of fitting, it is Head Coaches' responsibility to get a team/squad volunteer.)
  • It is the responsibility of the Head Coach to ensure communication is top priority with parents/guardians.  Your home #/cell #/email should be given to everyone on your team.
  • Head Coaches and Team Moms are responsible for distributing all information as provided by the Directors. This includes picture day, Falcon fundraisers, parades, etc.
  • Head Coaches, in conjunction with their Assistant Coaches, are to assist in the recruitment of additional players/cheerleaders IF all spots are not secured through official Falcon registration dates.
  • Head Coaches will work directly with their Football and Cheer Administration to keep their rosters up to date with added athletes.


Coaching on Game Days    

  • Head Coaches are to arrive on time and gather players/cheerleaders for check-in
  • Head Coaches and coaching staff are responsible for setting up all necessary stations at football games.  This includes tables, water, tents, etc.
  • At the beginning of every game, the Head Coach is responsible for getting a roster listing all players and #s to the press box for announcements. If there is no press box, this role is not needed for that game.
  • The Director of Football Administration will work with each Team Mom to gather field volunteers for each home game. This includes the chain gang and score box. It is Head Coaches' responsibility to ensure these positions are filled for each home game.
  • All Head Coaches are responsible for cleaning up their area immediately after their game to ensure a quick transition between games.
  • Head Coaches will ensure athletes line up respectfully to shake hands with the opposing team and coaching staff.
  • After every game, the Head Football Coach will quickly exit from the field to allow the next team to get ready.  It is our goal to ensure. Falcons do all they can to keep game timing on track.
  • After every home game, the Head Football Coach will initiate a group gathering of both teams (center field or end zone based on the time a game ends) to thank the other team and say a quick prayer.
  • After every game, the Head Football Coach will gather players together to watch the cheerleaders perform one final cheer for the players.  The coach is to encourage engagement by the players.
  • All Coaches will not act in an unprofessional manner towards parents or athletes.  This includes the use of foul language, excessive yelling, toughening techniques (such as Bull In The Ring), excessive running or push-ups as punishment, etc.
  • All Coaches must remember they represent the Conway Falcons away from the field as well. Social Media outlets such as MySpace, Facebook, and Twittering, must reflect professional conduct as the youth in our community will look to our coaches as role models and positive examples.
  • If Assistant Coaches have an issue, they need first to address it with their Head Coach.  The Head Coach will then meet with the Director of Football or Director of Cheer to discuss and individual, parent, or team concerns.
  • At no time is a Head Coach to endorse “talking behind the backs” of other coaches or the Board of Directors.
  • Head Coaches are to ensure referees and opponents are treated with respect at the games.  This includes overseeing Assistant Coaches and their interactions.
  • Head Coaches are to display and model sportsmanship within their players, on all fields, and towards other teams.
  • Any misuse of any coaching position or breaking of any Falcon rules/regulations of conduct, responsibility, and duty is subject to review by the Board of Directors and could or will result in a suspension or termination. Everyone’s behavior is a reflection of our league.

Conway Falcons Coaching Application 2019